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If we cannot preserve Nature in its original state, than we must find that architecture and settlement pattern which damages Nature the least.

Zvi Hecker


BlueMoon Valley ParkVillage  close to Szomor village represents a unique development initiative  in Hungary. The 150 hectares huge precinct is unexceptional in the agglomeration zones of European metropolises.

130 large building plots of minimum 1500 square meters in a 34 hectares area  formed in BlueMoon Valley ParkVillage for the better living conditions of inhabitants comparing with the standard, crowded, small sited housing of our age. Amongst the building sites a large, nearly  20.000 square meters building plot with special building parameters plays special role, with possible function of four star hotel, private hospital, educational centre or any other community building can be built.The attraction of the development area is a 100 hectares fenced private forest and arboretum with large trees which serves the active close-to-nature lifestyle of the inhabitants or visitors.





A unique development in the Budapest metropolitan region, the focus of Hungary’s creative economy. With its own forest, this residential estate is the ideal location for creative work in a tranquil environment. The area offers opportunities for those wishing to work in many fields, from film-making to university education, from high-tech innovation to more traditional creative pursuits. A healthy environment , a home suited to productive work, culture, mobility, creativity.